Using veto power, Walker expands sales tax holiday, child tax credit

Gov. Scott Walker signed a one-time, $100 child tax credit and late-summer sales tax holiday into law Tuesday, using his veto pen to expand the tax holiday from two days to five. Under the law, Wisconsin parents will be able to claim $100 for every child under 18 years old living at home. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Governor candidate Kelda Roys calls out Walker’s empty tax gesture

As Gov. Scott Walker prepared to sign his pre-election $100 per child tax credit, gubernatorial candidate and former state Rep. Kelda Roys issued a strong rebuke of Walker’s election-year gimmicks and fiscal mismanagement: “This tax rebate is nothing more than a bad-faith attempt to distract voters from his record before this fall’s election.” > Urban Milwaukee

Barrett: Paint is primary source of lead poisoning for Milwaukee children


Paint remains the primary source of lead poisoning for Milwaukee children, Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday. And he again accused the paint industry of trying to shift the blame to contaminated water in an effort to avoid tens of millions of dollars in settlements or court judgments. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Paint industry accused of trying to shift blame in Milwaukee’s lead poisoning


Mayor Tom Barrett and an attorney for nearly 170 lead-poisoned Milwaukee children are accusing the paint industry of trying to shift the blame to contaminated water in an effort to create a political firestorm over the city’s lead pipes — and avoid tens of millions of dollars in settlements. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

TV ads paint only partial picture of Supreme Court candidates’ records on crime


Two ads paint Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet and Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock as handing down light sentences for child crimes, but the ads focus on just a few cases out of the thousands the two have handled, and other cases show that both have handed down heavier penalties. > Wisconsin State Journal

School safety package, juvenile justice overhaul headed to Walker’s desk


The state Legislature has given the final stamp of approval to a school safety package and a plan that would close the state’s youth prison and reorganize the Wisconsin’s juvenile justice system. Lawmakers also passed Gov. Walker’s proposed sales tax holiday and child tax credit. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Evers demands action on Wisconsin’s drinking water crisis


Democratic candidate for Governor Tony Evers today announced a new digital video highlighting Wisconsin’s growing drinking water crisis in addition to releasing a series of policies proposed to keep Wisconsin’s kids safe from lead. > Urban Milwaukee