In Milwaukee, Baldwin pitches higher tax deduction for business startups


Pitching legislation that would increase a tax deduction for business startups by fourfold, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin was in Milwaukee Saturday to meet with a group of entrepreneurs. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

‘Dark store’ loophole a big problem for taxpayers


The “dark store” loophole refers to big box stores successfully arguing that their properties be assessed as vacant or abandoned buildings and excluding the value of the business on the property. Such victories will have dire consequences for Wisconsin municipalities as they allow retailers to push a significant tax burden onto small businesses and homeowners. > Cap Times

Politifact tests Walker claim that Wisconsin has gone from a bottom 10 to a Top 10 state for business

meter mostly false

Site selection professionals say although they have seen improvements in Wisconsin’s business environment, there is no consensus on how to define and rank the business climate across states. Walker’s claim was made broadly and without attribution, and referred to just one of many national rankings. > Politifact Wisconsin

Local contractors brace for layoffs if prevailing wage is eliminated


Prevailing wage, a standard set to protect local workers from being replaced by low-wage transient workers, is on the chopping block for state projects, and that has Democrats, unions, and contractors worried.  >  WSAW

“The broadest, most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of”

This is Sen. Kathleen Vinehout’s (D-Alma) assessment of a bill that grants state lawmakers new powers to block rules that might be deemed too costly for businesses. If a rule would cost businesses $10+ million, it can be blocked by legislators, and if the estimate is under $10 million, lawmakers can request another estimate.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Business lobby opposes GOP bills to close the “dark store loophole”

A pair of GOP bills moving through the legislature that would prevent big-box stores from shifting the tax burden to homeowners and small businesses is meeting resistance from Wisconsin’s largest business lobby.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Judge hears challenge to Wisconsin’s homemade bakery ban

Wisconsin is one of only two states that prohibit the sale of home-baked items but a case in front of Lafayette County Judge Duane Jorgensen might change that. The ruling is expected May 31.  >  Beloit Daily News