Local contractors brace for layoffs if prevailing wage is eliminated


Prevailing wage, a standard set to protect local workers from being replaced by low-wage transient workers, is on the chopping block for state projects, and that has Democrats, unions, and contractors worried.  >  WSAW

“The broadest, most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of”

This is Sen. Kathleen Vinehout’s (D-Alma) assessment of a bill that grants state lawmakers new powers to block rules that might be deemed too costly for businesses. If a rule would cost businesses $10+ million, it can be blocked by legislators, and if the estimate is under $10 million, lawmakers can request another estimate.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Business lobby opposes GOP bills to close the “dark store loophole”

A pair of GOP bills moving through the legislature that would prevent big-box stores from shifting the tax burden to homeowners and small businesses is meeting resistance from Wisconsin’s largest business lobby.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Judge hears challenge to Wisconsin’s homemade bakery ban

Wisconsin is one of only two states that prohibit the sale of home-baked items but a case in front of Lafayette County Judge Duane Jorgensen might change that. The ruling is expected May 31.  >  Beloit Daily News

Racine businesses call for I-94 project completion

“Without completing the project and eliminating the gaps, Wisconsin is not getting the full benefit of its investments (in I-94),” said Racine-area business leader Matt Montemurro.  “On behalf of the Racine business community, we call on the legislature to set a final completion date.”  >  Press release