Losing candidate Burns endorses Dallet for Supreme Court

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Ousted Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns is endorsing Rebecca Dallet in the general election over the conservative candidate Michael Screnock. Burns on Thursday sent an email to his supporters urging them to support Dallet and donate to her campaign to defeat Screnock.> AP News

Five takeaways from Wisconsin’s primary election for Supreme Court justice


The state Republican Party helped out one conservative justice running for the Supreme Court, but Democrats rejected another candidate who ran an overtly partisan campaign. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lays out its observations on the results.

Supreme court candidate Dallet: I’m the only one running nonpartisan race


While this election is established as nonpartisan, each candidate has received funding or endorsements affiliated with a political party. When asked what impact that backing could have on the primary, Dallet said it’s important for voters to elect someone who shares their values, but not pre-decide cases based on political views. > Sauk Prairie Eagle

Fact checking the Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates (primary is Feb. 20)


PolitiFact Wisconsin provides a rundown of the fact checks they’ve done on the three candidates running in the Feb. 20, 2018 primary election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. The two candidates who win the most votes will face each other on April 3, 2018, with the winner replacing conservative justice Michael Gableman.

Supreme Court primary on Feb. 20 will whittle three candidates to two


The latest battle over the ideological balance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court plays out Tuesday in the Feb. 20 primary, where one of three candidates – an unabashed liberal lawyer, a liberal-leaning judge and a conservative, NRA-backed judge – will be eliminated. > Wisconsin State Journal

Spread the word: The NRA wants you to vote Screnock Tuesday


With the horrific event in Florida, 2018’s first 45 days have already seen 18 school shootings. If you read BlueWisconsin, we know you were unlikely to vote for Screnock anyway. But we can all spread the word around the state that he’s the NRA’s candidate, and that voting Tuesday for Dallet or Burns is IMPORTANT.