Flynn says he’ll make childcare a budget priority as governor


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn called for greater support for Wisconsin’s two essential childcare programs, Wisconsin Shares and YoungStar, and laid out a four-prong strategy for helping working parents. > Urban Milwaukee

State is shifting up to $90 million in local road funding to Foxconn-related projects


Wisconsin is shifting up to $90 million away from other highway projects to do work related to the massive Foxconn plant being built in Racine County, despite the state’s nonpartisan fiscal bureau documenting how much the state’s roadways are expected to deteriorate over the next decade. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lawmakers green light new funding for rural, cash-strapped schools


A Walker-backed proposal to give Wisconsin’s most rural schools nearly $7 million more and allow low-spending districts to raise property taxes without a vote has cleared a key legislative hurdle. > AP News

Lawmakers hope to revive I-94 project, but Walker says drivers need a construction break


Milwaukee-area Republican lawmakers are scrambling to revive plans to rebuild I-94 between the Marquette and Zoo interchanges. Republican lawmakers didn’t allocate funding for the project when they adopted the state budget in the fall, leading federal authorities to threaten to pull their approval for it and Gov. Scott Walker to abandon the project. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Walker makes election-year pitch in his ‘State of the State’


In addition to touting low unemployment, new spending on education, and a tax credit that would offer $100 per child, Gov. Scott Walker laid out his “Ambitious Agenda for Wisconsin in 2018,” which happens to include many proposals he has previously opposed. > Wisconsin State Journal

Lawmakers considering budgeting millions more for rural school districts


School districts in rural areas and districts with low spending levels locked in by state law would receive millions more in funding under a pair of bills being considered by the legislature, a nonpartisan analysis found. > Wisconsin State Journal