Former Corrections chief releases tell-all book ripping Walker, Schimel

Gov. Scott Walker’s former Corrections secretary Ed Wall on Friday released a tell-all book accusing the governor and state attorney general of deception and inaction in addressing abuse allegations at Wisconsin’s youth prison, billing itself as a “look behind the curtain” of Walker’s administration and Wall’s firing by Attorney General Brad Schimel. > Wisconsin State Journal

‘The Fall Of Wisconsin’ puts the state’s 2016 presidential choice in context


In 2016, Wisconsin picked a Republican for president for the first time since 1984. In his new book, Dan Kaufman, who grew up in the state, aims to show the vote for Trump was part of a larger story. > NPR

New book: ‘The Fall of Wisconsin’ aptly conveys the GOP’s impact

A new book by former Madisonian Dan Kaufman focuses primarily on the “fall” after Walker’s 2010 election and relentless pursuit of “divide and conquer” politics since. But with the first part devoted to describing the Wisconsin that once made so many of us proud to live here, his telling should be motivating. > Cap Times