Will the Tea Party era end where it started—in Wisconsin?


The Walker era began in 2010, an extraordinarily good year for Republicans, and it endured under Obama, whose political bent and character both kept conservatives’ blood pressure high. But political Wisconsinites seem to have some difficulty imagining what might replace this era. > The New Yorker

Could U.S. Senate races impact gubernatorial races?

As the midterms approach, one of the more interesting storylines emerging is in states with both a high-profile gubernatorial race and a high-profile U.S. Senate race. Looking back, Governing magazine found a few patterns from previous midterms that could give us a clue about what to expect. Then again, 2018 is a unique year.

Special election primaries tomorrow, with more at stake for Wisconsin GOP than Dems


Primaries will be held Tuesday for two state special elections in June, which could signal whether Wisconsin Republicans have staunched the bleeding or face a “blue wave” of Democratic wins in November. Here’s why Democrats have the most to gain in these two races. > Janesville Gazette

Walker delivers upbeat speech, rouses delegates at GOP convention


For Gov. Scott Walker, Saturday’s speech at the state Republican Party convention in Milwaukee was an unusual balancing act, in which he sought to provide a wake-up call while inspiring the delegates, and detailing past successes and while laying out an agenda for the future. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

At convention, Wisconsin Republicans defiant against talk of a 2018 ‘blue wave’


Wisconsin Republican leaders were defiant in the face of a predicted “blue wave” of Democratic victories as they rallied supporters at the party’s state convention on Saturday.  “That blue wave is about to crash into the red wall,” said state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. > Cap Times

Walker speaks to his campaign strategy in response to potential ‘blue wave’

Gov. Scott walker says he started seeing a “blue wave” when Donald Trump won Wisconsin, and then saw it solidify with a special state senate election and a supreme court election. Walker talked with CBS 58 Milwaukee about whether his campaign strategy is moving to the center since he’ll need to attract more independent voters than ever.

Democrats see Wisconsin as proving ground for party revival


Whether a wave is actually coming is unclear, but Democrats have certainly put Republicans on edge. The next fight is the June 12 special election for two vacant statehouse districts — one in working-class towns outside Green Bay, the other outside Madison, where the capital’s suburbs turn quickly into farm towns and rural stretches. > WTOP