Long before the ‘rainbow wave,’ Tammy Baldwin was blazing a trail


The midterm elections ushered in a record number of LGBTQ people to elected office. But long before that “rainbow wave” — and before it was even a ripple — Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, an out lesbian, was slowly chipping away at glass ceilings once thought unbreakable. > NBC News

Baldwin: WI GOP legislators are ‘disrespecting the voters’, and Paul Ryan should speak up

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U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Thursday excoriated Republican state lawmakers in Wisconsin for their last-minute power grab, and added later: “I hope that Speaker Ryan is still as invested as he ever was in the success of Wisconsin, so I think he absolutely should speak up about this.” > Talking Points Memo

Anti-Trump protests gave way to local fervor that helped turn Wisconsin back to blue

Since the eruption of nationwide anti-Trump protests in January 2017, a central question has been whether the energy would persist. New activists said the presidential contest brought them into politics, but their focus stayed closer to home, and the signs in Wisconsin so far have been positive for Democrats. > Washington Post

After Dem sweep of statewide offices, evidence of Wisconsin’s gerrymandering seems obvious

Despite Democrats winning every statewide office on the ballot and receiving 200,000 more total votes, Republicans lost just one seat in Wisconsin’s lower house this cycle. Why? Democratic minority leader Gordon Hintz says: “The biggest obstacle remains gerrymandering. There are only a handful of districts that are remotely competitive.” > Isthmus

Has Wisconsin turned the page on Donald Trump?


Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were kind of a big deal on Nov. 8, 2016, handing Donald Trump the presidency. But Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were also kind of a big deal on Nov. 6, 2018. This time the Democrats won big in all three. > Cap Times


Does Baldwin’s win – the largest in a top race in Wisconsin in 12 years – offer a road map for 2020?


On Tuesday night, Tammy Baldwin earned the highest vote percentage of any candidate for governor or senator in Wisconsin since Democrat Herb Kohl won his fourth U.S. Senate term with 67.3 percent in 2006. Democrats looking to run against President Trump in 2020 might want to pay attention to what Baldwin did. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel