Robin Vos has been paying caucus member Samantha Kerkman for side businesses for at least five years

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has been employing and paying fellow Republican member and Assembly Majority Sergeant at Arms Rep. Samantha Kerkman through his network of private businesses going back to 2013, according to a One Wisconsin Now review of legislative Statements of Economic Interests.

Assembly GOP expands gun background checks but bill’s fate uncertain


The Wisconsin Assembly voted Thursday to apply a state background check system for certain handgun sales to similar purchases of rifles and shotguns, but the measure’s fate in the State Senate was uncertain. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Assembly adjourns for the year, leaving ball in Senate’s court


The Assembly adjourned early Friday morning, with no intention of returning this year. But the Kimberly-Clark and child tax credit bills must pass the Senate, with no changes, before they can go to Walker. That forces the Senate to either accept what the Assembly versions, or force the Assembly to come back. > FOX 21 Duluth

Bill would prohibit Wisconsin municipalities from enforcing local employment ordinances


The cities of Madison and Milwaukee are lobbying against a bill that would prohibit local governments from enforcing their own employment ordinances related to discrimination, hours, wages and benefits. Assembly lawmakers are set to hear public testimony on the proposal today. > Cap Times

Assembly approves mandatory sexual harassment training


The state Assembly voted unanimously this week to require lawmakers and their staff to complete sexual harassment training at the beginning of each legislative session. > Wisconsin Public Radio