Hintz outlines Dem priorities for next legislative session

Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said Tuesday his priorities for the next legislative session include familiar Democratic issues, like pushing for Wisconsin to accept a federal Medicaid expansion. Hintz said he and his Dem Assembly colleagues will continue to advocate for Wisconsin to join other states in accepting more federal Medicaid dollars. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Robin Vos announces new Assembly committees

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced Tuesday the formation of several new legislative committees as he prepares to lead the chamber in the first era of split government since 2008. Standing committees exist in both houses and are comprised of a bipartisan panel of legislators. > Wisconsin State Journal

Assembly Republicans keep familiar names on state budget writing committee


All but two GOP Assembly members of the state’s budget writing committee will retain their appointments in the new legislative session, Speaker Robin Vos announced Wednesday. > Wisconsin State Journal

Assembly reaches gender parity for one party, but far from it for the other

gender balance

Women will still be a minority in the Wisconsin Legislature next year, but not among Assembly Democrats. Women will make up 50 percent of Democrats in the Assembly, but just 16 perceont of Assembly Republicans. > Urban Milwaukee

Republicans push to retain tourism secretary

With tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett likely on the chopping block as Gov.-elect Tony Evers begins appointing his own cabinet, nearly a dozen members of the Assembly tourism committee, including one Democrat, sent Evers a letter urging him to keep Klett. > AP News

‘This is an invitation to corruption’: Wisconsin state lawmakers exempt themselves from open records rules

State lawmakers are quick to call for transparency and open government, but a decades-old loophole in Wisconsin allows them to avoid the public records rules they wrote for other government agencies. > FOX 6 Milwaukee

Judges permit state Assembly to join Wisconsin gerrymandering lawsuit


A panel of federal judges has approved the state Assembly’s request to join Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case partially on the grounds of the state’s post-election landscape. The GOP-controlled Assembly earlier this fall had requested to join the case with the reasoning a new AG could fail to adequately defend the state’s political maps. > Wisconsin State Journal