Walker signs bill legalizing hemp farming in Wisconsin


Gov. Scott Walker quietly signed a bill Thursday that allows Wisconsin farmers to grow industrial hemp. Republican Rep. Jesse Kremer, the measure’s sponsor in the legislature, where it passed unanimously, tweeted Thursday that the bill will make Wisconsin a leader in hemp production. His tweet included the hashtag “AmericasHempland.” > NBC 15 Madison

With legalization, Wisconsin could become ‘America’s Hempland’


Wisconsin has the potential to become America’s Hempland after Gov. Scott Walker signs a bill allowing the state’s farmers to grow industrial hemp, experts say. Ken Anderson, a hemp seed producer and hemp grain processor who lives in Prescott, said: “I think Wisconsin is going to show America how hemp is done.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker appoints Sen. Sheila Harsdorf as Ag, Consumer Protection chief


Gov. Scott Walker has tapped a career Republican lawmaker to head the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls) has represented western Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District since 2001, and served in the Assembly from 1989 to 1999. > WSAU Radio, Wausau

Cap Times: Scott Walker threatens family farms and the environment


It should surprise no one that Walker’s big move regarding rural Wisconsin is an aim to transfer regulatory authority over factory farms from the DNR to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Anyone who knows anything about the environmental impact of factory farms will tell you that the DNR needs to maintain oversight. > Cap Times

Walker proposal to alter large farm regulation alarms environmentalists


After a proposal to study moving more regulatory authority of large farms from the Department of Natural Resources to the agriculture department was removed from his budget, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is again proposing to make the change. > Cap Times

Trump’s looming landmine in NAFTA negotiations: His base in Wisconsin and other states he won


As we head down the almost certainly unpredictable path toward NAFTA 2.0, there is a potential landmine awaiting President Trump: His base, or at least the economic “muscle” behind that base. In states Trump won, there are significant agricultural interests that will be less than enthused about NAFTA changes that could upset lucrative and well-established markets. > Forbes

Wisconsin manufacturers, farmers and labor unions have much at stake with NAFTA negotiations


Wisconsin manufacturers, farmers and labor unions are closely watching President Trump’s efforts to renegotiate NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. The U.S. has never tried to rewrite a major trade agreement, so analysts aren’t sure what will emerge from the talks, but many people in agriculture are concerned about losing what they have. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel