Democrat claims victory in Assembly race after new totals reported


Democrat Robyn Vining declared victory Thursday after the updated totals showed her with a 132-vote margin over Republican Matt Adamczyk, who has served the past four years as state treasurer. If the result is confirmed for Vining, it would leave Republicans with a 63-36 edge in the chamber. > Wisconsin State Journal

Your choices for state treasurer in next week’s primary


After deciding earlier this year to keep the state treasurer’s office, Wisconsin voters head to the polls next week in a partisan primary to decide who the Republican and Democratic candidates will be in the statewide race. > Cap Times

Multiple candidates register to run for state treasurer

A half-dozen people are running for state treasurer, with all but one jumping into the race after voters decided to keep the sleepy office in play. The current officeholder is not seeking to keep the seat. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Now that voters have rejected eliminating the state treasurer, what next?


Several governors and many lawmakers put Wisconsin’s office of state treasurer on a path to extinction. Sixty-one percent of the voters, it turns out, had another idea.

Now the debate shifts to whether to expand the office’s responsibilities, and who should hold the office in 2019 and beyond. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsinites vote to keep State Treasurer, against recommendation of Walker, GOP


Wisconsin voters have decided they want to keep the state treasurer position, even though its duties have been all but eliminated. Voters on Tuesday rejected a constitutional amendment to eliminate the position that has been around since before Wisconsin was a state. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Voters statewide will face ballot question on whether to eliminate Wisconsin treasurer


Wisconsin voters will have to decide on April 3 whether to eliminate the 170-year-old office of state treasurer. The current Republican state Treasurer Matt Adamczyk is campaigning to eliminate his own office and a former GOP treasurer, Jack Voight, is campaigning to save it. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Vote ‘No’ on amendment to dump state treasurer

The GOP’s long-in-the-works plan to get rid of the state treasurer is equivalent to a company firing its auditor and chief financial officer and handing those duties to its CEO. On April 3, all Wisconsinites can cast their vote on whether they think this is a good idea. > The Progressive Media Project