Years later, Wisconsin voters remember Act 10

It’s been more than seven years since Gov. Scott Walker introduced Act 10, which all but eliminated the union rights of most public employees. Protesters flooded the capitol, unions vowed revenge, and more than six years ago, Walker won his recall election. Years later, the event still provokes strong feelings from voters. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Vukmir column compares ‘Kavanaugh madness’ to reaction over Act 10 in Wisconsin


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir has jumped into the fray in the fight over SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And she’s bringing her Act 10 experience to the fight. On the Fox News website Friday, she penned a column headlined: “Kavanaugh madness echoes time when Democrats tried to take over my state with craziness.” > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

GOP Senate candidate Vukmir refreshes claim about 2011 Capitol ‘riots’

As she runs against Tammy Baldwin, GOP challenger Leah Vukmir is pitching herself as “a strong leader with a track record who’s not going to buckle” and cited the 2011 battle over Act 10 declaring: “I have been through the gauntlet, when we had riots in that Capitol.” PolitiFact Wisconsin puts her characterization to the fact-check test.

Dem governor candidate Kelda Roys talks directly to teachers

In “an open letter to Wisconsin teachers,” former state Rep. Kelda Roys, a Democratic candidate for governor, listed the ways she says “you, your pocketbook, and your profession have been under attack” under Gov. Scott Walker’s administration. She referenced increasing class sizes, decreasing median salaries and closing rural schools. >

Scott Walker leans into ‘education governor’ message as opponents scoff

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker started branding himself “the pro-education governor,” one of his Democratic opponents said he “thought it was a joke from The Onion.” Now it seems Walker is going all in, releasing two television ads featuring teachers praising his education record as he seeks a third term. > Cap Times

Supreme Court ruling affects cops and firefighters, but not other Wisconsin public workers


A Wednesday ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court hammers many public employee unions across the country but has a limited effect in Wisconsin, where Act 10 had already greatly diminished union powers. Only Wisconsin police officers and firefighters will be newly affected by this week’s ruling. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Foxconn, Act 10 get negative reaction in latest Marquette poll

On top of questions about Wisconsin’s races for governor and U.S. Senate, the most recent Marquette University Law School poll also took another reading of public opinion on two of Gov. Scott Walker’s signature issues: Foxconn and Act 10. > Wisconsin Public Radio