Waukesha County Judge Lazar considering Supreme Court run


Add Waukesha County Circuit Judge Maria Lazar to the ever-growing list of those considering a run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The former assistant attorney general says she’s considering running for a spot on the court, which will have an open seat next year due to the retirement of Justice Shirley Abrahamson. > AP News

Jefferson County DA Susan Happ considering run for Supreme Court

A Democratic district attorney from a Republican-leaning county who lost the 2014 AG election is considering a run for state Supreme Court. Susan Happ, 46, of Jefferson, is the third potential candidate to emerge for the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Shirley Abrahamson. > Wisconsin State Journal

Justice Shirley Abrahamson will leave legacy to remember

Fans and critics agree: Shirley Abrahamson, the first woman to serve on Wisconsin’s high court, had a huge impact. So big, in fact, that Republicans adopted a constitutional amendment to push her out of the chief justice role. > Wisconsin Law Journal

Longtime Wisconsin Justice Shirley Abrahamson won’t seek re-election

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson, who has served on the court for more than 40 years, announced Wednesday that she won’t seek re-election in 2019. Abrahamson, 84, was the first woman to ever to sit on the court after she was appointed to the bench in 1976. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Justice Shirley Abrahamson undergoing medical tests, participating in Wisconsin cases by phone

Long-time Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson is undergoing medical tests and hasn’t been in court for more than a week. While the testing is being done, Abrahamson has been listening to arguments by telephone so she can participate in the cases, according to her office. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel