Trump tours Foxconn as Harley trouble rumbles up the road

After repeatedly bashing the leadership of an iconic American manufacturer this week, President Donald Trump is set to be 30 miles away from its Wisconsin headquarters Thursday to praise a Taiwanese company for bringing jobs to a state critical to his re-election. > Bloomberg

SCOTUS punts again on question of partisan gerrymandering

The procedural issue that SCOTUS used to dodge a decision on the merits in the Wisconsin gerrymandering case were again invoked Monday when the high court delayed on a North Carolina case, too. That probably means none of the partisan gerrymandering cases are likely to get back to SCOTUS before the term-after-next. > NY Magazine

Milwaukee becomes 1 of 3 finalists in bid to host 2020 Democratic National Convention

Milwaukee is one of three finalists in a bid to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, besting cities like New York and San Francisco. The announcement made Wednesday named Milwaukee, Houston and Miami Beach as still in the running. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin Democrats shell-shocked in 2016 have regrouped for 2018, 2020

Donald Trump’s romp through white, working-class America in 2016 was nowhere more traumatic for Democrats than in Wisconsin, which flipped for a Republican president for the first time since 1984. Two years later, shell-shocked Democrats are picking up the pieces, pouring money and resources into Wisconsin in a test run for 2020. > POLITICO

Polling shows Democrats face steep climb to reclaim rural voters

A new Monmouth College poll is casting warning signs for Democrats in Iowa and Wisconsin working to win back rural voters who backed Barack Obama in 2012 but flipped for Donald Trump in 2016. > Telegraph Herald

Dem presidential hopefuls flock to Trump states like Wisconsin


A number of presidential hopefuls have been stumping in blue states that turned red during the 2016 presidential election, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, testing the waters for the next presidential election. > The Hill