State Senate leader signals lame-duck session on fast track, says it could happen Tuesday

The Republican leader of the state Senate has signaled GOP lawmakers are pursuing a fast track for a lame-duck legislative session before Gov.-elect Tony Evers takes office, saying it could happen as soon as Tuesday. Text of the bills to be considered could be released Friday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Reince Priebus to review Wisconsin election results for GOP


Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has been enlisted to review the 2018 election results in Wisconsin and the structure of the state Republican Party. The review comes after Republicans lost in races for every statewide race on the ballot, although similar reviews are done after every Wisconsin election. > AP News

Do midterm election results show NRA losing grip on American politics?


Though Wisconsin leaned conservative in the 2016 presidential election, it’s recently been siding with candidates that were poorly rated by the NRA. Of the 11 candidates the NRA endorsed during Wisconsin’s midterm elections, only five won their race — and one endorsed candidate, Jim Sensenbrenner, was running unopposed. > Badger Herald

Anti-Trump protests gave way to local fervor that helped turn Wisconsin back to blue

Since the eruption of nationwide anti-Trump protests in January 2017, a central question has been whether the energy would persist. New activists said the presidential contest brought them into politics, but their focus stayed closer to home, and the signs in Wisconsin so far have been positive for Democrats. > Washington Post

Post-election, Tony Evers goes high as his foes go low

Every day since Evers’ victory, it seems someone shares their relief at having an all-around good guy moving into the Capitol’s East Wing after eight years of a smug partisan ideologue occupying that space. > Cap Times

What do Republicans have against high-turnout elections? Everything.

Lame-duck Governor Scott Walker is talking about rewriting Wisconsin election rules to thwart a future high-turnout election. Why? Because when turnout spikes, Democrats win. > The Nation

Op Ed: Time’s running out on Vos, Fitzgerald

With Assembly Speaker Robin Vos saying Democrats are “sore losers” and proceeding as though Republicans won in Wisconsin, the state’s GOP leaders are ready, willing and able to deal themselves an unnecessary and crippling self-inflicted political wound. That’s what can happen when you take your own importance and news releases too seriously. > Urban Milwaukee