Ryan dismisses retirement rumors, while challengers use them to raise money


House Speaker Paul Ryan’s aides are pushing back against a lengthy report suggesting he will leave Congress after the 2018 election. Said a Ryan spokeswoman, “This is pure speculation”. But that didn’t stop his Democratic challengers from trying to cash in on the reports.  > Cap Times

Making case for re-election, walker stands on his record


Republican Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama — despite being endorsed by President Trump — will have no impact on his own 2018 bid for re-election, Gov. Scott Walker said in Eau Claire. Walker said his success in the 2018 gubernatorial election will be based solely on his record and not on any endorsement. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

‘Promise kept’: Walker touts zero percent property tax bill


Walker promised earlier in his governorship that he would lower property taxes for homeowners. Politifact took a look at his claim and found there was a modest reduction from 2010 to 2018. But it also found out some people – especially low-income homeowners and renters – will actually have their taxes go up. > Patch.com

Walker says Roy Moore loss in Alabama doesn’t signal trouble for his re-election bid


Gov. Scott Walker said the Republican defeat in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race this week doesn’t have any implications for his own re-election bid next November. Speaking in Eau Claire Wednesday about property tax relief, Walker was asked what Moore’s loss meant for his campaign. “I don’t think it means a thing,” said Walker. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker spent billions to attract jobs the state can’t fill due to his backward leadership


In his bid for a third term as Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker is scrambling to create a positive narrative of his economic leadership. With worker shortages, fleeing millennials, a shrinking middle class, and a backward approach to almost everything, that’s a tall order. > Wisconsin Gazette

Wisconsin Dems hope Alabama upset signals nationwide shift


Wisconsin Democrats were hopeful Wednesday that the defeat of scandal-plagued Republican Roy Moore in Alabama means voters are turning against the GOP across the country, especially those with close ties to President Trump. Wisconsin Republicans, meanwhile, tried to ignore or downplay the potential domino effects. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker challenger Matt Flynn slams initiative to drug test food stamp recipients


Intrusive, wasteful and offensive is what Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn said about Gov. Scott Walker’s announcement that Wisconsin will drug test food stamp recipients. “I condemn this in the strongest terms,” Flynn said, and laying out three arguments against it. > WeAreGreenBay.com