Rust Belt states that powered Trump win now spurning Republicans


Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which Trump won in 2016 by a total of less than 80,000 votes to put him over the top in the Electoral College count, are looking less like Trump country this year, as Republicans trail Democratic opponents amid voter dissatisfaction with the president’s trade wars and governing style. > Bloomberg

In tight re-election battle, Walker doesn’t see Trump’s predicted ‘red wave’ in Wisconsin


Gov. Scott Walker has a message for Republican voters who believe the 2018 election is in the bag and that they shouldn’t go to the polls in November: Stop being complacent. > Washington Examiner

Tammy Baldwin ad on health care gets quick response from Leah Vukmir

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 1.53.53 AM

On Friday, the Baldwin campaign unleashed a new ad that triggered a quick and unusual response from Leah Vukmir, who responded with a letter to the nurse at the center of the ad. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The high cost of poor roads: In Eau Claire, it’s $1,219 per driver

Deteriorated roads, traffic congestion and a lack of safety features cost Eau Claire area drivers an average of $1,219 a year, a national study revealed this week. That’s just the local share of the $6.8 billion bill Wisconsin motorists pay annually in higher vehicle operating costs, traffic crashes and congestion-related delays. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Barnes says Trump administration wants to create ‘superior race’

The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in Wisconsin suggested in a podcast interview that President Donald Trump’s administration wants to create a “superior race.” The Wisconsin Republican Party said the candidate, Mandela Barnes, was comparing Trump to Nazis, an accusation Barnes strongly rejected Friday. > AP News

Randy Bryce’s brother calls mom’s letter ‘unconscionable’

The brother of Wisconsin congressional candidate Randy Bryce says it is “unconscionable” that the Bryce campaign released a letter from his elderly mother. Bryce’s mother Nancy Bryce on Wednesday denounced a campaign ad featuring her son James Bryce in which he endorsed the Republican in the race, Bryan Steil. > AP News

Baraboo leaders grill state DOT boss on local roads


Wisconsin’s road boss has promised Baraboo leaders a meeting to address local traffic problems. State Transportation Secretary Dave Ross spoke with local officials and engineers Monday, and after hearing Mayor Mike Palm detail concerns about Highways 136 and 33, Ross promised a meeting with DOT decision-makers and project engineers. > Baraboo News Republic