Walker passed over 13 applicants to appoint outgoing AG Schimel as judge


Gov. Scott Walker passed over more than a dozen candidates to appoint outgoing Attorney General Brad Schimel to a Waukesha County judgeship, according to records released by the governor’s administration. Walker handed Schimel the job on Nov. 20, a day after the Republican attorney general conceded defeat to Democrat Josh Kaul. > Wisconsin State Journal

AG Schimel reflects on election loss and lame-duck bills


Ousted Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says in his first post-election interview that his defeat to Democrat Josh Kaul was “kind of a death by a thousand cuts.” The interview was also his first since the Republican-controlled Legislature passed lame-duck bills to take powers away from the AG’s office before Kaul takes over. > AP News

Gerrymandering is alive and well. Let’s look at the data.


Urban Milwaukee‘s “Data Wonk”, Bruce Thompson, digs into November’s election numbers, where Republicans won 63 of the 99 Assembly districts (63.6 percent), while Democrats won 36 (36.4 percent). How does the breakdown in number of seats compare to the actual vote totals for candidates? Here, things get a bit complicated.

When Republicans lose, they work harder to rig the game

Assembly Majority Speaker Robin Vos said recently: “I do not like the fact that Madison and Milwaukee chose Governor Evers and they’re the reason that he won.” So since then, Vos and his party have set out to rectify the perceived injustice. > New York Magazine

Wisconsin falls short of electing a record number of women to next Legislature

The 2019 state Legislature will have 36 female lawmakers, which is one less than the state record. But politicos say winning elections is as secondary issue to finding women willing to run in the first place. > Wisconsin Public Radio

New election data highlights the ongoing impact of 2011 GOP redistricting in Wisconsin

Scott Walker lost his statewide race for governor by 1 point, but carried 63 of 99 Assembly districts, reflecting the pro-GOP tilt of the legislative map in Wisconsin. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel