Brad Schimel to decide on possible recount by Monday

Attorney General Brad Schimel will decide Monday if he will seek a recount in the race against Democratic candidate Josh Kaul. The development comes after the state Elections Commission on Friday afternoon released preliminary statewide vote counts showing Kaul ahead of Schimel by a margin of 0.65 percent. > Wisconsin State Journal

Timing, Trump and turning down the volume: How low-key Evers defeated Walker


It wasn’t 100,000 protesters on the Wisconsin State Capitol steps or an unprecedented recall election that took out Gov. Scott Walker. It was a 67-year-old former elementary school principal from Plymouth who indulges in Egg McMuffins and games of euchre. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

After Dem sweep of statewide offices, evidence of Wisconsin’s gerrymandering seems obvious

Despite Democrats winning every statewide office on the ballot and receiving 200,000 more total votes, Republicans lost just one seat in Wisconsin’s lower house this cycle. Why? Democratic minority leader Gordon Hintz says: “The biggest obstacle remains gerrymandering. There are only a handful of districts that are remotely competitive.” > Isthmus

Get to know Bryan Steil, the new face of Wisconsin’s 1st District

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 7.13.00 PM

House Speaker Paul Ryan is passing the torch to Republican Bryan Steil, a 37-year old Janesville native. Once a staffer for House Speaker Paul Ryan, Steil says he will focus on what he calls pocketbook issues. > CBS 58 Milwaukee

Evers taking different approach to transition than Walker


Gov. Scott Walker is leaving office just like he came in — with a flourish. Walker killed high speed rail in Wisconsin days after his election win in 2010 and unveiled his Act 10 proposal within weeks of actually taking office. In stark contrast, Evers has been keeping a low profile and isn’t planning to make demands of Walker. > AP News

Ten reasons why Walker lost


Gov. Scott Walker is a smart politician and seemed to be making all the right moves. Yet Walker lost. How could such a skilled, well-funded politician get defeated? Urban Milwaukee runs through its Top 10 reasons why Walker ultimately lost.

Walker: May have ‘reformed myself out of a job’

Gov. Scott Walker is putting his confidence in Republican lawmakers to uphold a broad swath of conservative initiatives implemented under his two-term tenure as he prepares to hand the reins to Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers. > Cap Times