Watch: MSNBC puts the spotlight, questions, and AM Joy panel on Randy Bryce

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Will this Democrat from Wisconsin be able to unseat the Republican Speaker of the House? Joy Reid talks to Randy Bryce about his decision to run, then discusses his candidacy with her AM Joy panel. > MSNBC

Why Paul Ryan’s 2018 race bears watching, even if he’ll be hard to beat


Democrats are vowing to make their biggest effort ever to knock off Paul Ryan in 2018, hoping that an unpopular president, an unpopular Congress and controversial GOP policies will make him the second House speaker in more than a century to be defeated at the polls. They have their work cut out for them. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bryce holds first rally of campaign in Kenosha, joined by large crowd of enthusiastic supporters


Less than a week after announcing his campaign against House Speaker Paul Ryan, ironworker Randy Bryce held his first campaign rally Saturday at the UAW Local 72 Hall in Kenosha. Bryce was joined by various allies, as well as a large crowd of SE Wisconsin supporters and more than 15,000 people via Facebook Live. > WisPolitics

Politifact concludes “True” on Pocan’s claim that Walker still hasn’t met his 2010 jobs promise

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During the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention in early June, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan said: “Seven years later, (Scott Walker) has not hit his first campaign promise of creating 250,000 jobs.” PolitiFact Wisconsin revisits Walker’s original promise to see where the jobs tally currently stands.

At Walker event to tout K-12 funding bill, local educators push back


Reporters weren’t the only ones to show up for Gov. Walker’s press conference on K-12 funding in Holmen Thursday. More than a dozen local educators brought up their own points, with signs reading “All our children deserve funding every year, not just campaign years!” and “Put voucher schools to a state vote.” > La Crosse Tribune

Walker’s tax scam for manufacturers


Why do business lobbyists and Republican politicians constantly claim that tax breaks for the rich create jobs when no evidence exists that this is true? Recent news reports reveal that Gov. Walker’s massive income tax cut to wealthy Wisconsinites has not created more manufacturing jobs. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Letter writer predicts Walker ad that uses naked bike ride against Soglin


Madison man writes to the editor: “I’m prepared to wager that the content of Gov. Walker’s first statewide television campaign ad will contain video clips of the naked bike ride interspersed with clips of children on a playground and parishioners leaving church.” > Wisconsin State Journal, with cartoon caption-writing contest here.