Johnson downplays Russian threat to U.S. elections


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is downplaying the threat Russia poses to U.S. elections, saying “these are not the greatest threats to our democracy.” Part of a contingent of senators who visited Russia last week, Johnson said U.S. elections are very difficult to hack and remain secure, while Russia’s interference on social media in 2016 was minimal. > CBS 58 Milwaukee

‘The Fall Of Wisconsin’ puts the state’s 2016 presidential choice in context


In 2016, Wisconsin picked a Republican for president for the first time since 1984. In his new book, Dan Kaufman, who grew up in the state, aims to show the vote for Trump was part of a larger story. > NPR

Wisconsin Democrats shell-shocked in 2016 have regrouped for 2018, 2020

Donald Trump’s romp through white, working-class America in 2016 was nowhere more traumatic for Democrats than in Wisconsin, which flipped for a Republican president for the first time since 1984. Two years later, shell-shocked Democrats are picking up the pieces, pouring money and resources into Wisconsin in a test run for 2020. > POLITICO

Is the Electoral College good for Wisconsin?


Of all the people to be talking of doing away with the Electoral College in 2018, we didn’t think one of them would be President Donald Trump. After all, the Electoral College is the reason he’s president. The Racine Journal Times says: “Mr. President, we respectfully suggest you be careful what you wish for.”

Walker: Campaign work helped Johnson and Trump win, not ID law


Gov. Scott Walker isn’t agreeing with AG Brad Schimel’s suggestion that Wisconsin’s voter ID law enabled Sen. Ron Johnson to win re-election and President Trump to capture the state in 2016. Schimel asked WISN-AM listeners last week if they believed Johnson or Trump would have won in the state without the law. > AP News

Schimel: Voter ID helped Trump, Johnson win in Wisconsin


Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel is suggesting Sen. Ron Johnson wouldn’t have won re-election and President Donald Trump wouldn’t have won Wisconsin without the state’s voter ID law. > AP News