Wisconsin a key state for Russian hacking


There is increasing proof of widespread Russian cyber hacking. And yet there’s also evidence that certain states were targeted for more interference, and one of them was Wisconsin. Ultimately, key members of the state’s congressional delegation, namely Johnson, Ryan and Duffy, may be facing a raft of embarrassing questions over the situation. > Urban Milwaukee

Why Cieslewicz thinks Dems lost in 2016


“Here’s the explanation I find useful: The Democratic Party does not lose elections because voters are too dimwitted to understand how great the party’s policies are and it doesn’t lose elections because of race or gender. The party loses elections because it doesn’t share the legitimate values of blue-collar voters.” >  Former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz in Isthmus

Wisconsin part of large ‘Trump counties’ poll, with interesting results

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NBC News and the Wall Street Journal conducted a July poll of residents in 439 counties in 16 states — including Wisconsin — where Trump either significantly outperformed Romney’s vote in 2012 or flipped the vote from Obama. In these “Trump counties”, his approval rating is currently 50 percent, and while the majority agree with his policies, he scored low for style.


How did the Democrats lose a once progressive Wisconsin? The new book ‘Janesville’ offers a view.

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The Nation takes a look at Amy Goldstein’s new book “Janesville”, alongside Katherine Cramer’s “Politics of Resentment”, and how they answer in complementary ways the plaguing question of why Donald Trump won in Wisconsin.

In all but 3 states, Trump’s approval percentage has fallen below his vote percentage

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Wisconsin is in the middle of the pack of 47 states where Trump’s average approval rating from January to June has dropped below the percentage of the vote he received. The three exceptions are Hawaii, Utah and Montana. See Gallup’s U.S. maps showing current approval ratings and where they fall relative to vote percentages at the Washington Post.

Postal Service broke law in pushing time off for workers to campaign for Clinton


The U.S. Postal Service engaged in widespread violations of federal law by pressuring managers to approve letter carriers’ taking time off last fall to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other union-backed Democrats, investigators said last week. > Washington Post

Dems are trying to win the 2018 midterms in all the wrong ways


Many progressive politicians and pundits have bought into the notion that millions of people who voted for Obama in 2012 defected and voted for Trump in 2016. But there’s some faulty arithmetic behind this, and it’s most evident when looking at what happened in Wisconsin. The Nation digs in.