Duffy supports funding for border wall but hopes to avoid government shutdown


At a recent town hall meeting, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy said he’s hoping to avoid a federal government shutdown in order to get funding for a border wall with Mexico, but added that President Trump’s threat to do so shows he’s willing to fight to secure the border. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker calls for delivery of lame-duck bills, has 6 days to act on them


The clock is now ticking on Gov. Scott Walker to sign or veto three bills that passed an extraordinary session of the Legislature last week, as Walker formally called for the bills Thursday. The outgoing governor has six days, not counting Sunday, to sign or veto them, meaning he must act no later than Thursday, Dec. 20. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Gerrymandering is alive and well. Let’s look at the data.


Urban Milwaukee‘s “Data Wonk”, Bruce Thompson, digs into November’s election numbers, where Republicans won 63 of the 99 Assembly districts (63.6 percent), while Democrats won 36 (36.4 percent). How does the breakdown in number of seats compare to the actual vote totals for candidates? Here, things get a bit complicated.

Paul Ryan can’t escape his legacy as an enabler of Trump’s worst impulses

As is typical when someone important or notable leaves a job, friends and colleagues gather around and sing their praises. No such luck for House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. > ThinkProgress

Opponents look at legal options as they await Walker’s actions on lame-duck bills


While final action from Gov. Scott Walker awaits, opponents already are contemplating legal challenges to bills curtailing early voting and powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, passed by GOP lawmakers in an all-night lame-duck session last week. > Wisconsin State Journal

Poll: 1st District voters support Land and Water Conservation Fund


National Wildlife Federation officials are urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund after a poll in the 1st District showed overwhelming support for it. Seventy-one percent of poll respondents said they want to renew the program, which expired in September after Congress failed to reauthorize it. > Janesville Gazette

With power grabs in the Midwest, does GOP risk 2020 backlash?


While many on the left see a power grab underway in Michigan and Wisconsin, Michigan’s incoming Democratic governor sees something more: political possibility. “This gamesmanship will keep voters and activists active through the 2020 election,” said Gretchen Whitmer, who takes office on Jan. 1. Referring to Republicans, she added, “They’re thinking short-term.” > NY Times