Former Trump advisor: Scott Walker has ‘rigged’ five elections


A former advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has accused Gov. Scott Walker and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus of rigging multiple elections in Wisconsin. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Vos, Fitzgerald to state ethics, elections chiefs: Resign


Republican legislative leaders are seeking resignations from the chief staffers of the state Elections and Ethics commissions, citing “concerns over partisan influence remaining” from their predecessor, the former Government Accountability Board. > Wisconsin State Journal

Committee hears testimony on GOP bills that would change tenant-landlord relationship



While sponsors of Republican legislation argue it would promote affordable housing and create a fair rental housing market, others say it would tilt power more toward landlords and limit municipal powers. Some even say it could contribute to homelessness in Wisconsin. > Cap Times

Walker says Roy Moore loss in Alabama doesn’t signal trouble for his re-election bid


Gov. Scott Walker said the Republican defeat in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race this week doesn’t have any implications for his own re-election bid next November. Speaking in Eau Claire Wednesday about property tax relief, Walker was asked what Moore’s loss meant for his campaign. “I don’t think it means a thing,” said Walker. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Johnson: Trump accusations have already been vetted


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he does not support investigating accusations against President Trump for sexual assault because the voters have already cast their ballots. “Trump’s problems were vetted during the campaign,” Johnson said on CNN. “The American people elected President Trump.” > Washington Times

When Will Paul Ryan Step Down? It’s a question lawmakers are asking.


As Republicans finish their long-sought rewrite of the tax code, some lawmakers are beginning to wonder just how much longer Rep. Paul Ryan intends to remain speaker. “There’s a whole lot of rumors and speculation that the speaker may step aside,” one GOP member told HuffPost this week. > HuffPost

Fights against Wisconsin sulfide mining now expected to go local


Depending on who you listen to, sulfide mining is now on the verge of bringing parts of Wisconsin either economic prosperity or environmental disaster. With Gov. Walker signing lifting the state’s metallic mining moratorium Monday, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters says it’s mobilizing to go local in fighting the potentially toxic mines. > WIZM Radio 1410