Walker administration scales back apartment fire sprinkler rule in second reversal


Gov. Walker’s administration has determined it cannot enforce a 7-year-old requirement that fire sprinklers be put in new apartment buildings with three to 20 units — a rule fire officials say is one of the best ways to save lives. The development comes six months after an official pledged to keep the rule in place. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Duffy: My constituents are ‘absolutely’ still behind President Trump (watch or read)

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.18.45 AM

Rep. Sean Duffy said on Fox News that the intense media focus on Charlottesville is hurting the GOP’s chances of passing its agenda. Asked whether his constituents are still behind the president, Duffy replied: “Absolutely. They haven’t left him yet,” although he acknowledged some are frustrated with his tweets and statements distracting from the agenda. > Fox News

UW-Oshkosh Foundation to file for bankruptcy in wake of building scandal


UW-Oshkosh’s fundraising foundation declared bankruptcy Thursday in the wake of a scandal involving a former chancellor, his chief business officer, and several ambitious real estate ventures they allegedly orchestrated. State taxpayers could be on the hook for millions if a judge finds the UW System liable for the actions of its former employees. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Assembly lawmakers pass their version of Foxconn incentive package


The State Assembly on Thursday passed a $3 billion incentive package for electronics manufacturer Foxconn on a 59-30 vote, with the chamber’s Republicans cheering it as a smart bet for taxpayers with massive upside for the state’s economy, over Democrats’ criticism that the deal is a gigantic gamble with state funds. > Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin ‘Three Percenters’ militia network defends itself, as state lawmaker defends his visit with them


State Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) posted a photo to his Facebook page August 6 after visiting Wisconsin’s chapter of the Three Percenters. The photo went largely unnoticed until this week, after the group’s name was included in reports on the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville and a thwarted anti-government bomb plot in Oklahoma. > Cap Times

MSNBC slams Ron Johnson for suggesting the country ‘move on’ from Trump’s Charlottesville response

Image: Ron Johnson, Paul D. Clement, Rick Esenberg

Less than 24 hours after the worst presidential press conference anyone can remember, Sen. Johnson is ready to “move beyond this,” and hoping Americans will no longer “harp on” what Trump told the nation. In other words, we’re all supposed to stop talking about this because, well, the senator from Wisconsin just thinks that’d be nice. > MSNBC

South Poverty Law Center’s ‘Hate Map’ shows 9 hate groups operating in Wisconsin

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A total of 917 hate groups are tracked across the U.S. on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map”, which can be searched by group type or by state. In Wisconsin, SPLC identifies nine groups, three of which are classified as Neo-Nazi, and two White Nationalist. > Southern Poverty Law Center