Tax reform claims by Gwen Moore, Paul Ryan get Politifact analysis

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Not surprisingly, claims made by House Speaker Paul Ryan about the benefits tax reform will bring to middle-class Americans paint a rosy picture, while Rep. Gwen Moore’s angle is in pointed contrast. Two Politifact Wisconsin articles measure the truthfulness of both statements.

Wisconsin Dems argue GOP put tax reform ahead of children’s health coverage


Wisconsin’s congressional Democrats are blasting Republicans for putting tax reform ahead of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP provides low-cost health coverage for kids nationwide, historically receiving bipartisan support. U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said, “There is no reason we can’t work together to reauthorize the program and get it back on track.” > Wisconsin Public Radio

Ryan dismisses retirement rumors, while challengers use them to raise money


House Speaker Paul Ryan’s aides are pushing back against a lengthy report suggesting he will leave Congress after the 2018 election. Said a Ryan spokeswoman, “This is pure speculation”. But that didn’t stop his Democratic challengers from trying to cash in on the reports.  > Cap Times

If Paul Ryan walks, the Wisconsin era ends


When Paul Ryan one day puts down the gavel and exits the speaker’s office, an era will end. At the beginning of the decade, the Washington Post reported Wisconsin “could shape the direction of the GOP.” But much has changed and when Ryan walks, Wisconsin will find its place back with the rest of the states. > Washington Examiner

Sensenbrenner lays out what he sees as sensible bipartisan gun legislation


Pledging to continue seeking bipartisan solutions to keep our nation safe, U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner explains the legislation he supported in the house to reduce gun violence. The focus? Compel federal agencies to comply with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System statutes already on the books. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Making case for re-election, walker stands on his record


Republican Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama — despite being endorsed by President Trump — will have no impact on his own 2018 bid for re-election, Gov. Scott Walker said in Eau Claire. Walker said his success in the 2018 gubernatorial election will be based solely on his record and not on any endorsement. > Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

‘Promise kept’: Walker touts zero percent property tax bill


Walker promised earlier in his governorship that he would lower property taxes for homeowners. Politifact took a look at his claim and found there was a modest reduction from 2010 to 2018. But it also found out some people – especially low-income homeowners and renters – will actually have their taxes go up. >