State scores dairy trifecta — but Wisconsin farmers and residents don’t win


Among the “wins” Wisconsin officials count in the state dairy industry are increased milk production, a perfect string of new CAFO approvals (concentrated animal feeding operations, or “factory farms”), and a doubling of high-capacity wells. But a Kewaunee County Board supervisor asks the farmers if they call these wins. > The Cap Times

Slice it any of 3 ways and the answer remains: Wisconsin’s wealthy get the most tax relief


Since 2011, Wisconsin lawmakers have prioritized cutting taxes. According to the Wisconsin Budget Project, no matter which of three methods are used for quantifying who gets the tax cuts, the result is that the highest earners received the largest tax cut and the lowest earners received the smallest. >

Senate unlikely to take up campus speech bill before fall


A Republican bill toughening penalties for disruptive campus protests that passed the state Assembly last week likely won’t come up in the Senate until this fall. It’s not yet clear whether Senate Republicans will embrace the legislation as eagerly as their Assembly counterparts. > Wisconsin State Journal

Personal finance likely to be required at Wisconsin schools


With bipartisan support, the state Assembly last week passed a bill that would require public schools to incorporate financial literacy into their kindergarten-through-12th grade curriculum. Supporters say it appears likely the bill will become law. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel