Retired WI judge: Big donations should require recusal


Retired circuit court judge and former chairman of the nonpartisan and now-disbanded Government Accountability Board, Gerald Nichol writes: “There is an overwhelming need for the adoption of a recusal rule as proposed in the petition, and every citizen of the state who stands for equal justice and honest government should come on board.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Fact check: Do richest 1 percent pay lowest tax rate in Wisconsin?

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PolitiFact Wisconsin applies their Truth-O-Meter to gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe’s claim that “When you look at all the state and local taxes we pay in Wisconsin, the wealthiest 1 percent pay the lowest overall tax rate.” > PolitiFact Wisconsin

Nygren says Medicaid drug testing could be helpful


Having spearheaded laws to address opioid addiction, Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) supports Gov. Walker’s proposal to drug test those on Medicaid, saying he believes it can help address widespread addiction in the state. But he feels it needs to “be done right”, and be presented to the budget committee for a vote. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin 11th worst state for drinking water safety


In case you missed it, the NRDC released a report last month on states with the most drinking water violations. Assessing risk from 2015 EPA data on over 100 contaminants, including toxic chemicals, bacteria and metals such as lead, Texas was the state with the most offenses, based on population, while Wisconsin ranked eleventh worst. > Milwaukee Public Radio

Of 23 million who CBO estimates would lose insurance with Trumpcare, 416,000 would be Wisconsinites


The Center for American Progress has estimated how many Americans would lose coverage by state and congressional district based on the CBO’s projections of Trumpcare’s impact. In Wisconsin, 416,000 are estimated to lose coverage, with more than half being those on Medicaid. A spreadsheet of every U.S. Congressional District is available for download. > American Progress

Soglin says he’s considering running for governor


Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Saturday he’s considering seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018 to challenge Gov. Walker. It marked a reversal for Soglin, who previously said he had “no interest” in a run. But he said the surprising appeal of Sen. Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin is part of what changed his mind. > Wisconsin State Journal

Koch-backed group among those pushing to remove forestry tax from property tax bills


Americans for Prosperity, created and funded by the Koch brothers, is pushing hard for a property tax cut in the proposed state budget. The group warned Republican legislators on the committee: “Our activists will be watching closely to see who has the courage to give Wisconsin taxpayers the relief they deserve and demand.” > Wiscsonsin Democracy Campaign