Lame-duck limits on early voting – and the arguments for them – resemble ones already rejected by a judge

Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans are claiming lame-duck legislation would make early voting uniform across the state — a contention that was rejected by a federal judge two years ago.  That same judge is expected to weigh in on the matter again if Walker signs the early voting restrictions in the coming weeks. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Legislators also used lame-duck session to pass tax cut for Wisconsin’s wealthy

What has received less attention in Wisconsin’s lame-duck session is that GOP lawmakers also hurriedly passed a tax cut that would further tilt the state’s tax system in favor of the rich, contributing to the increasing concentration of income and wealth in a few hands – and hands that are most likely to be white. > Milwaukee Independent

Paul Ryan was always more political hack than policy genius

In a recent interview, Paul Ryan blithely proclaimed that “history is going to be very good to this majority”. Like so many of Ryan’s supposed grand ideas, the comment was little more than mere grandstanding. And it betrayed what led to his rise to power and his fall: a plain disconnection from the reality around him. > HuffPost

NY Times: The corporate donors behind Wisconsin’s Republican power grab


You might think that an organization that claims to care about community values would speak up. But Walgreens has not. Neither have other corporate supporters of Wisconsin Republicans, like Microsoft, Dr Pepper Snapple, J.P. Morgan Chase or Humana. It’s yet another example of corporations abdicating the leadership role they once played in America. > NY Times

AP fact check on the power of the Wisconsin governor’s veto pen


The Associated Press fact checks Gov. Scott Walker’s claim that: “The new governor will still have some of the strongest powers of any governor in the nation if these bills become law. He will have the power to veto legislation and some of the broadest line-item veto authority of any governor.”

In GOP’s post-election power grabs, experts see ‘disturbing’ trend

As GOP lawmakers in three states pass lame-duck measures to kneecap their Democratic successors, independent state government experts and political scientists warn that such power grabs foretell what could become a worrisome partisan trend: election nullification. > NBC News

Duffy talks government shutdown, border wall


When U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy held a series of town halls in his district last week, he fielded questions from a dozen people on a wide variety of topics, including border security, climate change and health care. > Daily Globe