Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have ‘false memories’ of alleged assault

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is dismissing testimony of Christine Blasey Ford about her alleged assault years ago by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. > USA Today

One thought on “Johnson suggests Christine Blasey Ford may have ‘false memories’ of alleged assault

  1. My goodness! how far will Ron Johnson go to push this nomination forward? What exactly leads him to say such a stupid thing, besides his desire to promote Kavanaugh? Does HE have a degree in psychology? No. She does. Believe me, a woman who has undergone such an attack is not having a ‘false memory’.
    I was 11 years old when it happened to me, and I recall his name, his face, the weather, his clothes. I managed to escape just in time, but it took me 30 years before I mentioned it to anyone. He was dead too by then. I’m now 70. My parents never heard it: They passed on before I had the strength.
    This idiotic “mansplaining” has got to end. Mr. Johnson will invent any scenario to excuse Mr. Kavanaugh’s behavior rather than look at truth in the face: He was drunk, belligerent and aggressive as has been mentioned by a number of people who knew him and HE is the one who can’t remember [although I’m still hoping that the FBI will administer a polygraph].
    His histrionics, his ranting, raving, snarling accusations about the other Party and bringing in the Clintons, of all things totally disqualify him. Mr. Johnson doesn’t want to believe that because he is totally biased.
    I would also like to hear more about this stolen email titled “spying” and that contained the line “We’ve got a mole on the left”. Somehow, he didn’t realize the email was stolen. Really, Brett???


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