Joe Biden at UW-Madison: This election is a ‘battle for America’s soul’

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a UW-Madison crowd that the upcoming elections are a referendum on America’s values and what he described as a radically changing Republican Party under President Donald Trump. The Nov. 6 election, Biden said, is “bigger than politics,” adding: “I think we’re in a battle for America’s soul.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Eric Trump in Wisconsin: U.S. ‘losing’ religion, guns, economy until my dad took office


Eric Trump followed his dad to central Wisconsin on Tuesday to take over where the president left off: pumping up Republicans to get out the vote for Wisconsin GOP candidates. > Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

Can young people take back Wisconsin from Scott Walker’s hard-right grip?


Gov. Scott Walker has undone Wisconsin’s progressive past and turned it into a lab for rightwing governance – but millennials have a different vision for the future. The Guardian takes a look at whether young voters can wrest power from Walker’s grip.

Josh Kaul’s new ad hits Brad Schimel hard on testing just 9 rape kits in 2 years

Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 7.28.06 PM

According to the second campaign ad released by Josh Kaul, Democratic challenger for Wisconsin attorney general, incumbent Brad Schimel’s office tested less than 10 rape kits during his first two years in office. That’s was out of more than 4,000 backlogged evidence kits. Watch the 30-second spot here.

Johnson talks Pittsburgh shooting, immigration policy, midterms

When asked about the Pittsburgh shooting, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson called it both a tragedy and an isolated incident. “It’s a senseless slaughter of innocent worshipers,” the Republican Senator said. “An act of pure hate and evil. ” Johnson also says he doesn’t believe the shooting is connected to any political movement. > FOX 11 Green Bay

Wisconsin’s attorney general is on the ballot Nov. 6. Here’s why that job is important.

Attorneys general races often have a lower profile, garnering less media coverage and public attention than gubernatorial or Congressional races. Yet the role is one of the most significant in the executive branch and wields sizable discretion and influence over citizens’ lives. > Cap Times