Wisconsin political activists hope to win back black voters with ‘silent canvass’

With Wisconsin Democrats trying to re-elect Sen. Tammy Baldwin and unseat Gov. Scott Walker, African-Americans are a key part of the coalition necessary to do so. > NPR

One thought on “Wisconsin political activists hope to win back black voters with ‘silent canvass’

  1. Gerrymandering is what caused so many African Americans to be left behind and feel betrayed but I disagree that black folks felt that not voting was some sort of power. It wasn’t and has never been. As far as the folks that were targeted by the Trump administration, they were the workers [black and white] who have been abandoned by the Democratic Party when Democrats abandoned the Unions. These had always been the backbone of the Party. But when that party started having money problems and turned to Wall Street and never left a finger to help workers and the Teacher Unions when Scott Walker so maligned them, they lost a lot of folks. At least 22,000, I’d say. As far as African Americans, when they were allowed to vote, 98% of black women voted blue. So don’t put the loss on “Democrats not turning out”. Here is what operation crosscheck led by KKKris KKKoback cost us in 2016: https://www.thenation.com/article/wisconsins-voter-id-law-suppressed-200000-votes-trump-won-by-23000/


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