Duffy says opponent wants socialist policies; Engebretson calls him ‘absentee representative’


After U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy said his November general election opponent would push for socialist policies, Polk Co. Democrat Margaret Engebretson said: “That is an incorrect label. If he looks it up in the dictionary he’ll find it doesn’t apply to me.” > CBS 7 Wausau

2 thoughts on “Duffy says opponent wants socialist policies; Engebretson calls him ‘absentee representative’

  1. Sean Duffy parrots everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. To him, any pro-PEOPLE policy is a ‘socialist’ policy. Any pro-corporation, anti-women, anti healthcare, anti-immigrant, pro-corruption, anti-transparency in Government, pro-polluter, anti-environment, pro-wall goofy idea is repeated by him. I have noticed also how whenever Scott Walker is in the picture, Duffy manages to be in the background. Same thing when Trump is around. The left has to rally because the so called Tea-Party has been co-opted by Trumpists. Republicans no longer recognize their Party. It used to be the Grand Ole Party, and it produced some really great Presidents. This one sleeps with prostitutes after his trophy wife has given him a son, lies about it and sends hush money to shut them up. Shame on him!
    He has installed in his cabinets more crooks than we have ever seen under any other President, Democrat or Republican bar none. he has no integrity and no character. He needs to step down.
    He only seeks the support of his base and maligns everyone who dares to oppose him, yanks security clearances without due process and still has not taken any measures to safeguard the integrity of our elections in spite of the many warnings that the Russians keep trying to hack several States like California, Florida, Michigan.
    Who can protect us from hackers? the CIA, FBI the counter espionage agents that work diligently all over the globe. What is Trump doing firing them all?: He is opening the doors wide to Russian hackers. Why are the Republicans not lifting a finger to defend our Nation? Maybe because they hope that Putin will do for them what he’s already done for Trump.


  2. It is difficult to rule with a minority, and that is what Trump has. He has slipped to 38%. Those are the hard core white nationalists. But amongst all voters, he still came up 3 million votes short. What did he think? Why does he try to rule like a Fascist? Unless they cheat with gerrymandering or with foreign help, their goose is cooked. We are badly gerrymandered in Wisconsin so the left has to come out in force to make up for the gerrymandering.


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