Kaul wants to overturn state abortion ban, calls for debates with Schimel

Democratic attorney general candidate Josh Kaul said Wednesday the Wisconsin Legislature should make clear in state law that women can legally seek abortions in the event the U.S. Supreme Court leaves that question to states. He also challenged Schimel to a debate in each of the state’s eight congressional districts. > AP News

One thought on “Kaul wants to overturn state abortion ban, calls for debates with Schimel

  1. Women still have a right to their own bodies. But Republicans seeks to remove this RIGHT, which is a long standing precedent [70 years+!] under Roe v. Wade. We could be FORCED to carry a pregnancy to term *even if* the life of the mother is in danger, or if the fetus is developing abnormally, insuring a life of torment for it and a life of financial strife for its family. Republicans value the life of a fetus over the life of a born human. Some of their dreams includes allowing employers to interfere with offering or not offering contraception! preventing a woman to hear the truth from their doctor! and forcing ‘counseling’ from religious groups [so much for freedom of religion!]. It is totally unacceptable.
    I know Republicans are very concerned by the brown wave and would like white women to solve that problem by being unable to escape pregnancy. [while allowing men behaving badly to escape said pregnancy scotch free]. That is not the solution: If you want to increase the rate of births, the solution is TAKE BETTER CARE OF PREGNANT WOMEN: Offering free daycare, premiums for women having more than 2 children, Medicare for all etc. There are many policies that could be used to improve the birthrate. Forcing women in the role of brooding mares for their prurient pleasure just will not cut it: Women, GO ON STRIKE: Do not have sex with any male who advocates for Republican policies. That would be a good start!
    Many years ago, I wanted my tubes tied. My Republican doctor said no, arguing that I was too young! I was 22 years old. I was old enough to enter into a contract but could not be allowed to choose a method that would not put me at risk of an abortion. I don’t want my granddaughters to be forced into pregnancies they do not want. Shame on Republicans! Vote them all out! [and don’t have sex with them!]


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