Baldwin: I’ll oppose Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin says she’ll oppose President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, citing his views on health care and abortion rights. Baldwin’s opposition is not surprising, as Kavanaugh has yet to have any Democratic senators pledge support for his confirmation. > Wisconsin State Journal

One thought on “Baldwin: I’ll oppose Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

  1. It is not just his views on healthcare that give me pause, it is *also* his many statements on not indicting a President while in office, in effect putting him above the law s that we all live under. His views on voting rights are also all wrong. Having an all powerful president, unbound by law to do whatever he pleases, including obstruction of Justice totally disqualifies him.
    He was refused originally a position on the bench because he already was a political hack. It looks like Republicans will stop at nothing to install folks who are totally unqualified.
    Another one is the nomination of Mr. Benczkowski to serve as a new boss for the Justice Department Criminal Division. He is another total hack who worked for Alpha Bank, a shady bank from the Russian investigation. Is there no limit on Republican corruption in our Government? Are there no real Americans who would have served as Prosecutors and actually appeared in a Courtroom? He has done neither, and yet got confirmed strictly along Party lines! The GOP has lost all sense of honor. “Have you no decency” gentlemen?


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