Foxconn buys Watermark building, plans innovation center in downtown Green Bay


Foxconn CEO Terry Gou was joined by Gov. Scott Walker in Green Bay Friday morning to announce the company’s purchase of the Watermark building downtown. Foxconn plans to open an innovation center in the building by the end of the year, saying the site will employ more than 200 people. > Green Bay Press Gazette

Walker spends heavily on TV as Democrats scramble to raise cash


Gov. Scott Walker is in the middle of a $1.5 million ad campaign that began in May and has featured seven television spots, and Friday saw the start of a similarly large campaign bankrolled by the Koch brothers. In contrast, none of the eight Dem candidates has yet gone on the air. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tommy Thompson trusts Trump on Harley-Davidson


Former Gov. Tommy Thompson says he trusts President Donald Trump’s strategy on trade, despite his attacks on Harley-Davidson. An avid Harley rider, Thompson said he thinks Trump has a game plan when it comes to the Wisconsin company. > AP News

Looking to slam Baldwin, Nicholson repeating his erroneous claim that ‘billions of dollars’ were sent to Iran on cargo planes

Kevin Nicholson has been repeatedly claiming that the Iran deal “handed billions of dollars of cash on cargo planes, sent it to a state sponsor of terror, and Tammy Baldwin was one of the first to get on board and support that.” PolitiFact Wisconsin breaks down how Nicholson has it wrong. Especially that bit about billions.

The two Wisconsin jails that house ICE detainees

Wisconsin is not among the 17 states known to host facilities where the federal government detains migrant children. The state does, however, have two facilities where U.S. ICE holds adult detainees: the Kenosha County and Dodge County Detention Centers. WisContext lays out how each fits into broader federal immigration policy and practices.

Mayor Dave’s read of the Marquette poll on governor candidates

With the long-awaited Marquette Law School poll coming out last week, former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz offers his take on what we learned about the abundant crop of Democratic guvernatorial candidates. > Isthmus

Duffy challenger Engebretson wants ‘Medicare for everybody’

As one of two Democrats vying for the nomination to run against incumbent Republican Sean Duffy for Congress, attorney and Navy veteran Margaret Engebretson says she would work for a federal health insurance program for everyone. > WXPR Rhinelander