Walker says he would campaign with Trump if he comes to Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker pushed back against reports that he was trying to distance himself from President Trump as he campaigns for re-election. Walker said he expects Trump to visit the state to campaign, and insisted he would happily join him. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Why saying Paul Ryan and Donald Trump belong to different parties is kinda wrong

Since House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he would retire, a narrative has emerged about Ryan’s legacy and why he wanted out. In short: Ryan had no place in President Trump’s Republican Party. There’s some truth to all of that, but it’s much more difficult to separate Ryan and Trump than their demeanors suggest. > FiveThirtyEight

Johnson slams Dems for obstruction, then immediately boasts about blocking Merrick Garland

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson lambasted Senate Democrats last week for what he said was unprecedented obstruction of President Trump’s nominees, saying that, in contrast, he “did everything I could to work with President Obama.” Then mere moments later, he boasted of his role in blocking the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland. > Right Wing Watch

After debate spat with Vukmir, Nicholson says he’ll ‘never apologize’ for defending his military record


In a contentious end to their first debate, state Sen. Leah Vukmir call opponent Kevin Nicholson’s implication that she didn’t respect his military service “a low blow” and asked for an apology. Nicholson didn’t offer one, and on Sunday TV said he’d take anyone to task who questioned his track record. > Cap Times

GOP straw poll heavily favors Vukmir for Senate


A fresh straw poll might show the challenges Kevin Nicholson faces winning the hearts and minds of Republican Party regulars. A La Crosse County GOP straw poll conducted Friday favored state Sen. Leah Vukmir almost 2-1 over Nicholson in the party’s primary to take on U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin. > WIZM Radio La Crosse

Pocan says it would be tough for Barca to enter race for Ryan’s seat


U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan says he told his former colleague and longtime friend state Rep. Peter Barca that it would be difficult for him to enter the Democratic primary for Paul Ryan’s seat so close to the primary date. Two other Democrats, Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers, are already running. > AP News

Grothman challenger Dan Kohl disavows Nancy Pelosi


Democratic congressional candidate Dan Kohl says Republicans need not tie him to unpopular House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, because he would disavow her if he’s elected. Kohl is running against incumbent Congressman Glenn Grothman in the 6th District, which spans all or part of 11 counties north and west of Milwaukee. > FOX 6 Milwaukee