Vos to Walker on budget vetoes: ‘I won’t forget this’


Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told Gov. Scott Walker, “I won’t forget this,” after Walker agreed to make several vetoes to the state budget to win support in the Senate, according to text messages released this week under the state’s open records law. > Associated Press

Racine Journal Times joins chorus opposing further erosion of state’s gun laws


From the Racine Journal Times’ editorial board: “It seems to us that if a state resident is going to carry a gun for personal protection, it is a reasonable requirement for that person to undergo some basic firearm safety training to make sure he or she knows how to use that weapon properly. And safely.”

Legislature’s latest gun bill is ‘just insane’


A lot of us are having trouble understanding just how far some state legislators are willing to go to put a gun in the hands of virtually every person in the state. Even the Beloit Daily News, not historically a strong advocate of gun control, has editorialized that the latest piece of legislation is insane. > Cap Times

Johnson: Players should stand for anthem

Sen. Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson says the dispute over football players kneeling during the anthem is divisive and he wishes people would go back to a time when they showed respect for their country. He added, however, that President Trump should concentrate on serious problems. > Associated Press

Grothman calls NFL protests ‘ridiculous’


U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman agrees with President Trump on NFL protests during playing of the National Anthem, saying players, coaches and staff have the right to link arms, take a knee or sit. “That’s their right, but it’s also the right of other people to say ‘these people are ridiculous,’” Grothman said. > Wisconsin Radio Network

Governor candidate Vinehout defends reference letter for child porn convict


State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, a Democratic candidate for governor, was one of about a dozen people who wrote character reference letters for a legislative attorney found guilty of possession of child pornography. But she says she doubts people will find anything objectionable in the letter she wrote. > Cap Times

Despite Baldwin’s bipartisan efforts, Perkins Loan extension blocked


The hopes of a bipartisan group of lawmakers to extend the Perkins Loan program before it expires Sept. 30 were frustrated Thursday.
Members of Congress in the House and Senate had introduced identical legislation to extend the program, but one Republican committee chair blocked the measure, while the other ignored it. > Inside Higher Ed