Johnson: ‘Mistake’ to do healthcare on a partisan basis

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Sen. Ron Johnson said Wednesday that Republicans should have invited Democrats into the process of writing a healthcare reform bill, which stalled in the Senate this week. “I wish we were doing this on a bipartisan basis. I think it was a mistake saying we’re going to do this partisan,” Johnson said on CNN. > Washington Examiner

Most Wisconsinites favor keeping Affordable Care Act in latest Marquette poll


The number of Wisconsin voters who want to keep and improve Obamacare was twice as high as the number who want the law repealed and replaced in the latest poll by Marquette University Law School. The results showed 54 percent favored keeping and improving the ACA, while 27 percent wanted it repealed and replaced. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Wash Post: The surprising winners and losers from the Senate health-care bill


In the health care battles, followers who marched in lock step with their party turned out to be the losers (Ryan and Walker), while the winners in the GOP were those who went against the tide in their own party (Johnson). > Washington Post

GQ’s interview with Ryan challenger Randy Bryce


GQ magazine chatted with the man known as @IronStache on Twitter—where he’s now facing all the scrutiny that comes with being a public figure—and asked him about what he stands for and where he thinks not just the Democratic Party, but the country as a whole, needs to go.

Progressive PAC makes Bryce their first 2018 federal endorsement


Democracy for America endorsed ironworker Randy Bryce Wednesday in his run for Paul Ryan’s seat. The endorsement is DFA’s first of a federal challenger endorsement for the 2018 election. Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with more than one million members nationwide committed to taking on income inequality, money in politics, and structural racism.>

Almost a fifth of Wisconsin’s rural roads are in poor condition


A new report suggests 19 percent of Wisconsin’s rural roads are in poor condition and 10 percent of the state’s rural bridges are deficient. National transportation research group TRIP studied federal road and bridge records for all 50 states and found Wisconsin ranks 16th from the bottom for rural road condition. > Wisconsin Public Radio