Wisconsin income tax hits middle class harder than most states, goes easiest on wealthy

Two stories and a study report…

State Taxes Lowest for Wealthiest

In Wisconsin, middle-class and low-income families pay a bigger share of their incomes in state and local taxes than the wealthiest households in the state.  >  Urban Milwaukee

Wisconsin income tax burdens rank highest over “broad middle-income” range

Wisconsin’s individual income tax ranks 12th highest among the states. But that rank varies depending on taxpayer income from as high as 10th to as low as 32nd.  >  WisPolitics.com

Wisconsin income tax has surprises

A little more than 30 states have “progressive” income taxes. Wisconsin’s is unusual due to the rapidity with which its rates rise and a standard deduction that disappears as income increases.  >  Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance analysis

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