6th District citizens to Grothman, others: Keep your hands off Medicaid

A group calling themselves “Concerned Advocates from the 6th District” are organizing with a message to local legislators, including U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman: Wisconsin Medicaid programs are working, don’t “fix” them.  >  Fond Du Lac Reporter

The Week: Breaking down the why of the dairy dispute, and how to fix it

The proximate problem is about exports. But behind the export problem, dairy farmers are suffering a classic problem of overproduction. Luckily, good old New Deal anti-trust and farm protection policy is already on the shelf, ready to be dusted off.  >  THE WEEK

Rep. Ryan holds a ‘town hall’ by telephone

Rep. Paul Ryan held an unannounced telephone “town hall” meeting for constituents last week, making it the first known town-hall-style event he’s held since before the election. Ryan has taken strong criticism since November for not meeting with constituents, as he has done in the past.  >  Janesville Gazette

County Exec Abele asks Walker to give worker training agency back to him from Mayor Barrett

Ten years after Gov. Doyle took it away, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele wants Gov. Walker to move a worker training agency back under county authority, a request Walker may likely grant.  >  Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Duffy complains Dems want nothing to do with giving a win to this president

“Democrats in the Senate are part of this ‘resist movement,’ ” U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday. “They will stop Donald Trump at every cost, even when there’s good ideas on how we fix ObamaCare or how we repeal and replace it.” (video clip included)  >  Fox News Insider

Sunday morning TV: Walker talks campus free speech, roads funding with Mike Gousha

Appearing on UPFRONT with Mike Gousha this morning, Gov. Walker said he supports a bill to protect free speech on UW campuses, and that he remains opposed to raising gas taxes or registration fees to fund transportation.  >  UPFRONT recap: Gov. Scott Walker supports bill to protect free speech on UW campuses

Schimel declines to join multi-state appeal to protect student borrowers

Attorneys General from across the country – including Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa –have joined together to oppose President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos’s plan to repeal consumer protections for student loan borrowers. But Wisconsin’s AG Brad Schimel is absent from the effort.  >  One Wisconsin Now