Senate health care bill both better and worse for Wisconsin than House bill


The Senate bill to undo much of Barack Obama’s health care law is better for Wisconsin than the House bill in some ways, health care experts said, but is worse in other ways, particularly with Medicaid funding. > Wisconsin State Journal

Saying Unabomber ‘has less restrictive confinement than the youth at Lincoln Hills’, judge orders changes


A federal judge ruled Friday that the state must dramatically reduce the use of pepper spray, restraints and solitary confinement for its teen inmates, saying: “This is the most severe and damaging type of solitary confinement that’s used in the American penal system.” > Wisconsin State Journal

At Walker event to tout K-12 funding bill, local educators push back


Reporters weren’t the only ones to show up for Gov. Walker’s press conference on K-12 funding in Holmen Thursday. More than a dozen local educators brought up their own points, with signs reading “All our children deserve funding every year, not just campaign years!” and “Put voucher schools to a state vote.” > La Crosse Tribune

Opponents of campus speech bill accuse GOP of being free expression hypocrites and UW enemies


In debate on the Assembly floor Thursday, Democratic opponents of a Wisconsin campus speech bill accused Republicans of hypocrisy in presenting themselves as champions of free speech while they routinely squelch protest in the Capitol and try to silence speech at the UW that they don’t like. > The Cap Times

Assembly slipping pre-existing condition bill into late-night vote was display of GOP and Dem one-upmanship


Assembly Republicans introduced and passed a bill early Thursday that provides protections for those with pre-existing conditions should Congress roll back federal protections. It was a surprise move that represented the GOP aiming to “teach Democrats a lesson” in response to the Dems’ own political maneuver. > Wisconsin State Journal

Walker’s tax scam for manufacturers


Why do business lobbyists and Republican politicians constantly claim that tax breaks for the rich create jobs when no evidence exists that this is true? Recent news reports reveal that Gov. Walker’s massive income tax cut to wealthy Wisconsinites has not created more manufacturing jobs. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel