Dallet: I won’t back down from gun lobby that’s funding my Supreme Court opponent

Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet writes in the Cap Times: “Unsurprisingly, the Republican party and big-money interests, including the NRA, have thrown their full support behind my opponent — and why wouldn’t they? He’s proven time and again that he’s more interested in advancing their extreme right-wing agenda than taking a fair and honest approach.”

Federal appeals court rules against conservative group, dismissing John Doe lawsuit


A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit against investigators and former state officials involved in the now-halted John Doe secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 recall campaign. The court agreed with a lower ruling that tossed out the lawsuit by the conservative John K. MacIver Institute. > AP News

House approves ‘right to try’ bill championed by Johnson

The House has approved a Republican bill backed by Sen. Ron Johnson that would make it easier for terminally ill people to use unproven treatments. The House version now goes back to the Senate. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State settles lawsuit from former youth prison inmate for $19M

A suicidal girl who called for guards’ help but was left hanging in her cell at the state’s youth prison long enough to suffer permanent, severe brain damage will receive $18.9 million as part of a settlement with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. > Wisconsin State Journal

Bolton PAC launches new ad to benefit Nicholson for Senate


A second television ad to benefit Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson paid for by U.S. Ambassador John Bolton’s political action committee is running in Milwaukee.

The John Bolton SuperPAC announced the $278,000 television and radio ad buy Monday.

> AP News

Schimel backs Trump’s border wall

Wisconsin’s Attorney General Brad Schimel says he backs President Trump’s plan for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, while his challenger opposes the move. Schimel outlined his position to the media last weekend, saying that methamphetamines in Wisconsin often come from Mexican drug cartels. > WSAU Radio

Assembly GOP won’t tip hand on plans for ‘extraordinary session’ Thursday

On the eve of a Thursday “extraordinary session” of the state Assembly, its Republican leaders would not say if they’ll concur with their Senate counterparts on bills dealing with school safety, tax cuts and the state’s youth prison. That leaves the future of those bills in question, despite their centrality to Gov. Walker’s agenda. > Wisconsin State Journal