Wisconsin see first loss of manufacturing jobs in eight years


Wisconsin lost manufacturing jobs in 2016, the first year that’s happened since the Great Recession. Detailed job numbers released Friday show the loss at 3,776 manufacturing jobs, which came at a time when Wisconsin was spending nearly $300 million a year to cut manufacturers’ income and corporate taxes in an effort to grow the state’s economy. > Wisconsin Public Radio

Letter writer involved with creating state’s high risk pool calls it unaffordable, unviable


I was quite involved in the creation of Wisconsin’s high risk pool. While I believe it was very well run, it was never affordable for those who needed it. In spite of many efforts to contain costs, premiums and deductibles were very high. I do not believe it’s a viable model. > Blogging Blue

State Journal: Respect cops by keeping conceal carry requirements


The state’s largest police union doesn’t have a problem with law-abiding citizens carrying concealed handguns. But it does want to keep minimal licensing and training standards in place. Instead, about 50 Republican lawmakers are pushing legislation to eliminate permit and training requirements for members of the public who want to pack heat. > Wisconsin State Journal

Trump proposing to eliminate CDBG funding has local leaders concerned


Launched in 1974, the Community Development Block Grant program has three main goals: to provide services to vulnerable people, create jobs through local businesses and support affordable housing. You almost certainly know programs and projects made possible by CDBG, so President Trump’s proposal to eliminate the funding has leaders in Superior and elsewhere very concerned. > WDIO Duluth

New Jersey 8th graders refuse to join in photo app with Paul Ryan


About half the students in a group of New Jersey middle school 8th graders touring the Capitol in D.C. this past week refused a photo with House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to students on the field trip. > The Village Green

2016 marks worst year for job growth under Walker


Wisconsin added just 11,590 private sector jobs in 2016, good for a growth rate of 0.5 percent according to data released Friday. Those numbers mark the slowest job growth of any year since Gov. Walker took office, and is based on data that comes from 96 percent of all employers in the state. > Channel 27 News